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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Where are my glasses?


When I saw this cartoon I just had to repost it. It fits me to a T. I have regular glasses with bifocals. But my vision is pretty good without them so most of the time I lay them down and go without. But I do wear them for driving. But the bifocals are so low that it is not comfortable to read or be on the computer with them. So I have reading glasses. Many pairs of reading glasses. All day long my glasses are on and off, on and off. In fact when I went to a medium one of the first things she said to me is "I see glasses on, glasses off".

So I'm always misplacing my real glasses. And I keep many pairs of reading glasses so there is always a pair handy no matter what room I am in. But it's hard to keep track of my real glasses. Anyone else have that problem. Oh, and I do have the magnetic gadget that holds on your shirt. I should use that I suppose.. duh!



  1. LOLOLOL!!! seriously. i laughed all through this.
    you're probably going to groan at my answer darling bean!
    typical minimalist answer...
    i have one pair.
    there is one place for them. if they're not there it means i'm wearing them!
    so they're always easy to find. although i have been know to have them on and say... where are my glasses? LOLOLOL
    i only use them for tv and driving. i have no problem seeing anything up close. weird at my age but true.

    1. Yeah....that would never work for me. I would spend all my time looking for that one pair of glasses.
      at least this way I have a pair somewhere. I've been losing a lot of things lately and its driving me crazy!!!


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