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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Photography fun


I've been busy the last few days with all the pictures I took over the weekend. I have made a few movies with the videos and photos using Windows Live Movie Maker. I'm still trying to download them. My big computer is sooooo slow and that is presenting a problem. It's my internet. I can't even do On Demand movies on the tv. I've called about it but didn't get any satisfaction. I will have to call again.

But I can make the movies and that has been really fun. If I ever get them up I will try to post them on my blog here. But don't hold your breath..lol.

Tonight is my art lesson. I should be able to finish my painting tonight. I love doing it. The two hours go so quickly. My instructor is an amazing artist and I've already learned a lot. She is giving me confidence.

This week is passing fast and has been busy. This weekend I am looking forward to staying in and relaxing. Almost all the leaves have fallen and we are entering our gray season.




  1. oh my.
    i'll be looking forward to your movie!
    your still shots have been absolutely beautiful. xo

  2. What a beautiful pensive shot of the bride, Peggy. I'm so glad you have unleashed the inner artist again!

  3. Your top image is gorgeous!
    Love all your quotes about art.


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