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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Octobers past


2006..my second post. Visiting in Virginia with my sisters
Here we are...the three of us. Everytime we are together we renew our love for each other. We can't wait for the opportunity to visit together even though it is only a few times a year. This time it was at Linda's house to help her with her garage sale. We celebrated our Septmeber birthdays. Linda made a pumpkin roll which we enjoyed eating. Dad made us the witch's shoes which say..if the shoe fits...! Of course, there was the obligatory shopping trip. I had great luck finding curtain material for my new bathroom in the addition. I found a curtain rod, a brushed nickle waste paper basket, and a nickle soap pump. I have a design in mind for the bathroom and can't wait until I can get it all together. I also visited with Chris and the boys. It was so much fun to hear Dan play in the band and see Scott with his new bird. I love going down to stay with them for a weekend.

2007...Dan's soccer game



It snowed...


Dinner with my friends...how I miss my best friend. Today was the girls lunch at my house. I had a surprise for the girls when they got here. It was a participatory feast. I handed each girl an apron and had them help make the lunch. Yrsa was in charge of making Angels in Heaven an angel food pasta dish with pine nuts, spinach, bacon, sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, and Parmesan cheese. Kay made the salad with mixed baby greens, strawberries, mandarin oranges, mixed dried berries, with warm Poppyseed dressing served with Parmesan round crisps. Linda’s job was the Sausage Wellington made with crescent dough wrapped around sausage and cream cheese with sesame seeds on top. It was a full meal along with multigrain artisan bread, honey butter and a pumpkin layered mousse. We had a great time…even Sadie who finally settled down.



2010..cleaning out my China closet



It’s a typical fall day outside with temperature at 43 and damp. This is a perfect day to make chicken pot pie. It’s a family tradition at my house using my mother’s recipe. There is nothing more comforting than the associations of my mom’s table and the deliciousness of the pot pie. It’s a simple stew with dumplings on top. When we would visit my mother in Georgia the pot pie would always be served. My mother was an excellent cook with good southern recipes. Last summer when my sisters and I went to Savannah we ate at Paula Deen’s restaurant. It was a great experience and we had tons of fun. The good southern food was just like we had growing up….biscuits, corn bread, charleston and savannah 124 chicken, ..all those delicious southern dishes. It sure brought back memories of sitting around my mother’s table. My mom was a Georgia native and I was born in the same small town that she grew up in. She was born at home on the farm as was the custom of the day and she also tried to have me at home, but I was a little large (only 5 pounds) for her small frame and we had to get to the hospital. Mom and Dad shortly moved to Savannah and I lived there for a year. Then we all moved north to DuBois and eventually to Bradford. charleston and savannah 116 charleston and savannah 119



  1. What fun to share your memories of happy Octobers past, Peggy! I so get how you feel about your sisters! I feel very close to my brother too; but there are some things you just can't tell a brother. I lost the two best friends in my life, so I understand your loss of Yrsa. They never go away. Lost best friends are always in you heart. Have a happy day!

  2. i always love your sister posts.
    maybe because i don't have one of my own.
    i have adopted sisters though!
    are you the youngest sister in your family?
    i think it's wonderful you get to see them so often. xoxo♥

  3. What a great walk down memory lane. When I look at old pictures I can never believe how much everyone changes, especially my daughter. I do love time with my sister too. Have a great day!


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