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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Its good to be home

I love traveling and I love visiting my family. But it's nice to be back home. My hubby must have missed me as he had a dozen pink roses waiting for me. I missed him too. He is a homebody but doesn't mind if I take off. I want to do as much traveling as I can now. My hips are arthritic and may reach a time when all that walking won't be possible.

Tonight is my second art lesson. Last week I tried an oil painting for the first time in ages. It felt good to have a paint brush back in my hand and those two hours went so fast.

Tomorrow is the opening luncheon for the Women's Literary .club. We meet from October to March every Friday. Tomorrow's guest speaker is none other than my new art teacher. It is held at our country club and it's so nice to see all the girls again.

I stopped at Jan William's a gift store/ florist while at Linda's. It's one of my favorite spots and I never come out empty handed. I got this little pick of apples. Ok, maybe they are persimmons.

I also bought. A few feathers. I added it to a vase with glass tubes and a little bird on the top.

In case you can't see the thermometer it's forty eight degrees out this morning. It won't be long until we have our first frost. My goal for today is to finish putting away the outdoor furniture.



  1. Your home looks lovely with all the autumn touches you have added, Peggy! I always enjoy seeing what you come up with. Home is always good to see after being away, no matter how long or short. terry's more of a homebody than I am, and he always lets me fly, but he does miss me terribly when I'm gone. I think that it is easier for women than men to be apart. Good luck with getting the outdoor furniture away today!

  2. So lovely to be married to a home-body, who doesn't mind your traveling. Yes!!!!

  3. i'm pretty much a homebody too.
    but i love travelling vicariously through friends! LOL.
    you have a wonderful active life.
    the literary club i would especially enjoy! xo


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