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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Buttoning up

It happens every October. One day it's sunny and warm and the next rainy and threatening winter. That always signals that it is time to prepare. Like the squirrels have to gather nuts so we have to gather up our outdoor things. Our winters are harsh and we can't even leave cement items out ...with one exception being Tatiana..she is too heavy to take in...and besides I like looking out at her during the winter and dreaming of summer weather.

So today we gathered....from every corner of our courtyard and every flower bed. All the decoration black wire things were pulled up and put over by the lion fountain. Pots, containers, trellises, fountains...everything was gathered up and tarped.


It is really a hard chore. We both worked and rested until it was done. Oh, my aching back. We also had to clean out the shed behind the garage. Things got put away. I brought the little table and chairs and put them in a corner in the living room.


I also brought in one hanging basket...a New Guinea impatience. I wonder how long it will continue to grow since it is an annual.

It does feel good to have everything done outside. I cut down the peonnies and a lot of other foilage, took the dead boxwoods out of their planters, put some mums down by the lightpole and cut back the clematis there. I cleaned out the herb garden....would rosemary grow inside in the winter? It was a lot of work for one day and we are pooped. But it is worth it.

I am the type of person who likes to get things done. I have always hated having something hanging over my head. So I am relentless until it is completed. So now I can sit back and feel that I am ready for winter to come.


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  1. Oh, Peggy, send me some of that relentless determination! I can get going, but sometimes I'm a great procrastinator! Glad to hear you got 'er done!


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