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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blueberry Pie


Yesterday I made a blueberry pie for Don. In the summer he loves to go to a local blueberry patch and pick. The berries he brings home are plump and large and they freeze well. And the pies are so easy to make. I don't make the crust from scratch. I think Pillsbury does a great job with the ones you just roll out. This treat reminds me of summer. And during this cold day with snow on the ground it's good to think of warmer times.

I spent most of the afternoon yesterday trying to get rid of a virus on my new computer. I downloaded a program called Photoscape. I had this on my old computer and loved its photo editing properties. It downloaded three steps but didn't finish and then I got a message that my computer had 171 issues that needed fixed. It resembled a Microsoft message but when I clicked on "fix" it brought up a place to go to buy a repair. Then I knew something had gone wrong. I looked at my desktop and there were four icons that I hadn't put there. I spent a long time finding out that they were hitchhikers onto the program. Then I spent more time trying to get rid of them. There was a really bad one called palikan which made itself into a search engine which came on when you used your browser but secretly stole all your data and allowed other people to control your computer. I had Mcaffee for protection but this one slipped through. So I had to download Malware Bytes to clean up the computer. As you can tell all this took many hours of frustration but I think I figured it all out. I'm going to have to be careful about downloading.

Today we will finally get the last of the outdoor decorations put into the bin in the attic. It's much too cold up there to stay and organize. I'll leave that for warmer times. But there is something about January that makes you want to clean out drawers and those spaces that you don't usually see like the bottoms of closets. It's good to stay busy on these cold days.



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