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Monday, January 04, 2016

What a beautiful sunshiny day. Even if it is cold...even if it is snowy..the sunshine just makes you feel better all over. It's amazing how those little rays can change your whole outlook. We don't have a lot of sunny days in the winter so this glorious day is welcome. 
  It makes you want to be ambitious. Poor Sadie is shedding like mad so sweeping a lot is a must. She is doing much better now though. Right now she is laying on the arm of the couch soaking up the sunny rays. Probably dreaming of the days when we can begin our daily walks.
        I did a little daily cleaning and one deep cleaning project. I took the covers off the pillows in the sunroom and washed them. Do you have a regular cleaning routine or do you, like me, just do things when you see the need? Or are you one of the lucky ones who has a cleaning lady come in. One time I hired a gal who came every other week. I so loved those days when I came home and everything sparkled. She took a regular job and I never hired anyone to take her place. It's not that I can't clean. But I sure prefer someone else to do it.  LOL  
         I remember when I was teaching I was so organized that I had certain days that I cleaned each room. Now, with all the time in the world, I clean as I see that its dirty. I still do my laundry on Sunday and change my bed that day. I used to be ruled by a list. Now my lists are only to remind me of things that I have to do when I leave the house. If I don't write it down right away I will forget the very next minute and it might not come back to mind for days. Know anyone like that?
    I have a stack of books waiting for me to read so I hope to spend a few hours lost in a book this afternoon. I went to physical therapy this am. First I lay there while an electrical stimulation device buzzes on my hip. It is covered by a warming blanket..AAAhhhh! Then I am given a patch with a battery to wear that sends the meds deep into the tissues. It is really helping, I am not in constant pain and can walk without a limp. After being in pain for a year it is marvelous to walk normally. I have leg exercises to do twice a day and will probably have to keep them up even after I am released from therapy. 
  Next I hope to get into some kind of exercise routine. I joined the YMCA a few months ago and used their gym for arm exercises and the incline bicycle but haven't been back lately. I am trying to work up enough courage to get into the water and swim. I love the water but theirs is not the warmest and I hate to be cold. But I know swimming would be good exercise for me. Do you exercise on a regular basis? 
   Wherever you are  enjoy this gift of a day. Stay warm.

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  1. i loved this post!
    full of good news and sunny joy.
    do you remember that nursery song... Monday's the day we wash our clothes wash our clothes wash our clothes...
    Tuesday's the day we iron our clothes... Wednesday's the day we bake our bread... etc... ?
    i thought of that yesterday while i was doing my laundry.
    when i worked all those years i ... like you probably and other working women... used my weekend OFF to do all the chores! now like you... i clean whenever i feel like it and it needs it! LOLOL! ain't retirement wonderful ma!!!


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