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Sunday, January 10, 2016


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I usually don't do sports posts but I can't help commenting on last night's playoff game between the Bengals and the Steelers. Since we live within ninety miles of Buffalo we get the Buffalo channels on tv and all the Buffalo games so naturally we root for the Bills. But since we are in Pennsylvania we also root for the Steelers. We are always happy to see them make the playoffs. 
    Last night for the first half we thought Pittsburgh had a guaranteed win since the Bengals couldn't even make a score.  But that changed in the second half and into the last few minutes of the game the Bengals were leading with little chance that Pittsburgh could make a field goal to win. And then two of the Bengals committed personal fouls which let the Steelers move up thirty yards and score the winning field goal. 
  All through the game there was bad sportsmanship and the referees even warned the coaches to keep their players under control. But these two rivals couldn't contain themselves and the temper of the Bengals caused them to lose a playoff game. 
   I couldn't believe that such bad sportsmanship was displayed. The referees tried to keep the game in check but it was useless. One player even pushed the referee.  What a bad example they set for those millions of kids who love football and watched the game.

And there was this amazing touchdown catch!

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