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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

I feel the need for green


We finally have our winter and it's only fifteen degrees out this morning. I'm so grateful for such a warm December. That will make the wintertime shorter this year. Already I am longing for green. Do you have house plants that keep you company over the long winter days? There was once a time in the seventies when I had a whole house full. Only the front of the house faces the winter sun so all the windows were lined with plants of all kinds. It was popular for everyone to have ivy and hanging spider plants along with African violets to cheer you during those green less days. Now I only have a huge peace lily which was from my father's funeral and a small striped leaf plant which I don't know the name of. I got it this summer at my family reunion.I'm also starting an amaryllis that was a gift.


I wrote this post yesterday and my sweet sister Linda must have known what I was thinking. In the mail came the most beautiful bouquet of flowers. She knew I had a rough .christmas with being sick the whole time and wanted to cheer me up. She is so thoughtful. Also in the package was a bag of sugar cookie dough and a tree cookie cutter. Looks like cookies in my future. Thank you sister. You're the best!


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