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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Christmas pictures

Here it is...the third day of January. Many folks I know have taken a break from blogging and I can see why. Right now I feel that I am so laid back that I have not much to say. I am still working on my new big computer. I've managed to install the Windows Live Photo Gallery but I fear I have lost almost all of my previous photos. Luckily I have been using Groove Book to save the photos to an actual photo album. If you don't know about Groove Book it is an app where you send one hundred photos in a month and they print them in a booklet for you. It only cost about three dollars a month and has been a great way for me to have hard copies of my pictures. 

   I love this picture of Chris and Michele looking at their sunset. They are such a happy couple. 

   I also downloaded Flash so I can see videos. Each day I am becoming more familiar with Windows 10 but still not comfortable with it. Next I want to download Photoshop. I miss that program.


  1. what lovely family pictures peggy.
    i'm sure i told you that i accidentally installed windows 8
    i can only imagine that 10 is even worse! still...
    learning something new is good for us i guess! xo

    1. Thanks, Tammy. They..whoever they are..say that windows ten is an improvement..I have no idea. I spent hours trying to install Windows Live Writer only to find out after researching that it isn't working anymore..you can't hook it up. Yuck! I hate this. Hey, let me know if you get this reply. I accidentally deleted your email with your current address.


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