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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Winter Survival

I can get through winter just fine...as long as I have....

A pile of good books...

The flickering of a candle...

A nice warm drink..tea or hot cocoa..

A pile of pillows and a nice warm throw...


And some flowers for beauty..

What would be in your survival kit?



  1. So many of the things you mentioned in your winter survival kit are the same things I need. I love flowers and I must have them no matter the season. On Friday I stop at Grahams and the ladies sell me one rose. I need hot tea and lots of it served with toast in the morning and chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon. I build a fire in the fireplace and keep it going all day. Nothing gives me as much pleasure and comfort in the winter than a fire. My throws are a buffalo plaid all wool throw and a brown,furry fabric throw that is down filled. I also need my favorite books (Mitford books are especially good comfort books for me) and my knitting. Starting Thursday 2/4 through at least 2/11 we are to have a hard shot of winter. Get your survival kit ready!!

  2. Books.... A puff or blanket over my legs.....My recliner chair.....Afternoon decaf.....Evening Harvey's Bristol Cream.....Soft music would be lovely.....But I can still read, while my husband is watching something on History, HGTV, Science Ch., etc......



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