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Saturday, January 09, 2016



When I chose the pomegranate picture to paint I knew exactly where I wanted to put it. My kitchen has touches of orange in the curtains and I knew it would accent the room. The little black shelf behind the table was the exact spot for it.

But it needs to look exactly right in the space. Tammy suggested that it looked great just leaning against the wall without a frame. And I think she is right. But it needed some things to make it cohesive.

So I went around the house gathering objects of different sizes and shapes trying to find the right combination that would create a beautiful vignette.


The vase with the branches from my Contora tree that I trimmed was just the right height and texture for the space. It reminded me of the outdoors and orchards. The little glass birds sell the idea.

I left the Rosemary topiary on the shelf to add to the idea of outdoors. It still needed something else. I scoured the house and when I found the fleur de Lis iron candle holder and the little metal cross I knew they would be just the thing. I am very happy with how it turned out.


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