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Saturday, January 23, 2016

No storm here


What a switch...no storm here. But my southern families are getting hit. My niece in Raleigh lost power and it won't be back till Monday.

Linda's deck....

And my son in southern Pennsylvania already has over two feet.

The grands in Tennessee are having a ball..

We are having a rather quiet day. No snow coming down and the roads are clear.

We went over to Applebee's for dinner with friends last night.



  1. No storm here either.

    But one grand is in Baltimore. Fine when last we talked.

    Daughter/husband had to leave Mass. coast home, when lost power. Drove up to inlaws, above Boston.

    Feel for all those, with out power and heat.

  2. no power can definitely bring out the pioneer mode of living!
    i was about to have to evacuation the wee blink bonnie during one ice storm one year.
    one week without power. it finally registered 39 degrees inside...
    and i pictured zeke and me being found dead. and the headlines...
    little old lady found dead frozen with her dog beside her under 30 quilts!
    LOLOL! i didn't have 30 quilts.
    the morning i decided it was finally time to leave... the lights and the heat came back ON!!! YAYYYY!
    i'm so glad your family is safe at least. what a storm!

  3. wow. talking to a former teacher. you know i meant to say EVACUATE! LOL!

  4. In a comment in my blog, you asked if I was sewing? :-) Here are links to, about-my-sewing.



    And 4 Instagram entries....

  5. I see, you do not have your settings, to allow click-able links, to show up in a different color.

    But if you run your cursor, over One.. Two.... etc., above... You will be able to click on them, as they are click-able links.


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