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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Looking back on life

When you get to the older section of your life sometimes you reflect on how your life went. There is a lot of time behind you and you know there may not be as much time left. Then you get philosophical and think back and question...did I live a purposeful life? Did my life matter? Did I do all I should have done?

I have been so blessed all my life. Only small adversities have come my way. Nothing I couldn't handle. And so many good opportunities happened for me. I had a wonderful childhood with two loving and caring parents who taught me values. I was able to get an education and have a job that I loved. I met a man who has loved me and taken care of me for fifty years. I was blessed with two sons who turned out to be wonderful men and fathers. I have a special relationship with my sisters and good friends. Life has been so kind to me.

Now I can look back fondly at my memories and ahead to creating more. My word of the year is savor and I intend to take every opportunity to enjoy each moment that comes along.



  1. That's a wonderful quote. Like you, I feel like I've been blessed my entire life - aren't we lucky.

  2. i haven't been that blessed in those terms. as you know... the major losses started very early and just kept coming.
    but i have to say... i DO FEEL blessed!
    simply because all the people i lost were exceptional people. and the love even though shortened by death ...
    was powerful. and enough to leave me with a feeling of being whole and treasured. and what more can one ask of life?
    when i see people who fight and criticize each other... i think... oh my. you are wasting such precious time.
    it could all be taken from you in ONE instant! bob and i would have grown old together in joy. it was that kind of love. that kind of marriage. and rather than be envious of you... I'M SO PROUD that YOURS is so alive and well!!! XOXOXO♥


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