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Monday, January 18, 2016

January cleaning

Why is it that in January I get the urge to organize? Is it because I'm in the house a lot and notice the problem areas more? 
  I'm not a neat freak...far from it. I like the house to be neat and clean and most of the time it is picked up and I can put my hands on the things I need so I consider it organized to some degree. But it never looks like those magazine pictures. 
   A while ago I thought I discovered a secret to organizing...having the right containers. Even the mess looks better if it is containerized and labeled. It helps you sort through things and know where things are. So I've tried to use that system somewhat. The more I get things stored correctly the more I like it. 
  Take batteries for instance. Before we remodeled our kitchen we had a junk drawer. All kinds of things got piled in that drawer. But with the remodel there just wasn't room for a junk drawer and how happy that makes me. That means that the "stuff" that got put in that drawer to be put away later just had to be put away now. One of those things was batteries. But there was a solution...a battery holder...who knew? It's nailed onto the basement stairway wall and hold quite a number of all sizes of batteries. It's convenient, easy to see how many you have and easy to get batteries from. A great solution to a constant problem...now no problem at all.  
   And that is the way with everything. If there is a designated home for things it makes life much easier. Which leads me to today's challenge. I cleaned the bathroom. Ok, it isn't the first time by far, but this time I organized my makeup, hair products, etc. I hadn't done that in a while and it needed it. There is such a sense of satisfaction looking at it when it is all finished. 


  1. I like things organized too and before Thanksgiving they were in good shape. But since the holidays, my drawers and closets look they have been stirred. I am slowly taking control and have located several things that were missing. I agree with you about taking satisfaction about peaking in at that organized drawer or closet.

  2. i just love maxine.
    you can imagine ... living in 525 square feet... there's not that much room for any kind of storage of NECESSARY stuff... much less junk stuff. LOL!
    but i totally agree with you. about keeping things organized. and being in such a small space it's a must for sure. everything has to have its place. and be returned there when not in use.
    i have batteries and light bulbs and tea candles all stored in one small vinyl box on the shelf of my closet.
    easy to get to in case of electrical outage or a burned out bulb! storing like things with like... or those of similar purposes is a good thing too.
    and how lovely to do a house reorganization on a winter day! my idea of FUN!!!


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