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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Never stop learning

What have you learned lately? Are you the kind of person who continues to find new things to get interested in? Or do you settle on one things and become such an expert in it? I know my curiosity has led me in a lot of different directions in my life. I've gone through a lot of stages where I tried out different hobbies. I usually liked the results but not enough to keep doing it forever. I tried a stained glass class once. It was fun but demanded precision and patience..two things that I am not known for. I am happier with things that can be completed in an hour. I need that instant gratification. Something that can be done quickly suits me better. That is why I didn't pursue cross stitch. I really liked doing it but it took a while to finish some project.

I wondered why I didn't have a passion for one particular thing till last week I heard Brene Brown speak on Oprah's new program on Sundays. She said that there are some people who are butterflies. They go from one curiosity to another and that is the way they spread their joy in the world. And that was me. I like to try out things. I just love to learn. Currently I am loving my oil painting class. And I still love photography and using programs to enhance the pictures. These things are my current passion.

What is yours?



  1. Loved this post, Peggy! You and I are very much alike in that we are both butterflies. My brother Roy told me a number of years ago that I was a beautiful butterfly flitting from flower to flower and tasting all that life had to offer. He was worried because he said his son Neil was just like me. LOL! Roy is a straight liner, not a butterfly, although he takes great delight in his world. Neil is now married and settled into a career as a CPA. He still flits about, but he mimics a straight liner at work. My passions are writing, photography, and travel, but I have many other things I wish to experience. I'm behind on blogging, so I will come back and catch up with your posts after I have touched bases with my blogging friends. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs!

  2. gosh.
    to think of being a butterfly is better than what my bob told me once! LOLOL!
    he said very early on... "you are like a fly in a room full of ice cream cones." LOLOL!!!
    i wasn't insulted really. but i was never sure if it was truly a compliment or not!
    i am interested in almost everything... from animals to history to science to art to interior design...
    I LOVE IT ALL! i've never been a 'hobby' person per se.
    you know my fleeting love for drawing portraits... that lasted all of 5 years. and i've never done it since!
    i mainly just enjoy every day and whatever it brings.... and my LIBRARY! gotta have that. both public and home.


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