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Monday, February 11, 2019

A little bit of blooming

During this time of year when all outside is white and grey I long for something bright. 

And these little blooms were just the thing to cheer me up. 

You see, February has always been a strange month for me. While the rest of the year I am usually upbeat and happy most of the time in February my energy reaches an all time low. 

I have to force myself to exercise and eat well for my mind is telling me to sit and read or watch movies and eat comfort food. 

I attribute it to the lack of sunshine this month or cabin fever. Either way my ambition goes right out the window and I find myself cold all the time. It is not unusual to find me huddled underneath a blanket with a heating pad. I even bought fingerless gloves this year for my perpetually cold hands. 

But what can really cheer me up are some flowers or plants with heir bright colors. These came from Aldi’s and make my world a little happier.  
   What do you do in the winter to beat the blahs?

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  1. Your flowers are bright and cheerful, Peggy. I used to be bothered with the winter blahs. When we went North I discovered that there were places in the world that had sunny winters. By some good fortune I ended up in Colorado with its usually sunny skies. When skies are dreary I cling to our fireplace and its wonderful warmth. I hope the flowers keep your spirits up!


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