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Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Today's subject: what would you most like to do that you have never done before? Money and time are no,object. Reality or fantasy.
I think the very top of my list would be to spend two weeks in Provence . The first week I would spend taking a painting class. I would love to paint en plain air. For the second week I'd combine shopping at little brocantes , flea markets, and taking cooking classes.
And if I could have another dream it would be to go on a world tour. I would love to see Spain, visit Italy, and go to South America.
What would you like to do most?


  1. I think I'd like to be in the North Carolina mountains and there would be snow all around and I'd be snowed in and the refrigerator and freezer would be stocked and there would be a huge stack of books on the table by a comfortable sofa and there would be no telephone, nor need for one. I would need no need to drive to the ER, I might add! Just me and books and food and snow all around me.

    And yes, I just read your post for Thursday asking if we were sick of snow. Nope, because we have not had any to speak of and it's March, for Pete's sake!

  2. Your idea is my actual life. I just had to laugh. Books are always around and the fridge...well, that's always full

  3. Wonderful cruises and great train trips!!! Where? Doesn't matter :)


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