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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Universe

The Universe was kind to me again. I won the table centerpiece at our Literary Club luncheon today. It was our final meeting of the season. We meet every Friday from October to March. We had an excellent speaker, Rebecca Ryan, who told us all about a trip that she and her girlfriends took to near Toronto to attend a weekend of Victorian seminars. Becky is one of those knowledgable people who has a repertoire of experiences which she can relate in a way that not only makes you feel that you were along on the trip but also like she is your best friend. She regaled us with tidbits of the Victorian style of life. Her advice: use those precious things that you have. Don't keep them packed away. She had a wonderful display of some of her china, pictures, and postcards.
What a wonderful way to end our year.


  1. Rebecca8:20 PM

    Thank you Peg.

  2. And you do exactly that...you do share with everyone you know of your love for such pieces of beauty that you have :)

    It was a great togetherness Friday and I will miss these ladies sadly :(


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