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Friday, March 01, 2013

In Like A Lamb

Here it is…March. Just like a quiet lamb March sneaked (or is it snuck?) in softly with just a light dusting of snow on the driveway. Today I was smart and quickly shoveled it off so it would clear by the time I got back home from errands. My driveway can be tricky to get up when it is icy.
    Do you believe in global warming? I certainly do since our winters the last few years have been mild compared to our reputation for bad weather. In fact a few years ago we were almost declared having the worst weather in the USA. Only Fargo, ND beat us. March was once one of our worst snowy months. I remember blizzards of epic proportions which left us shivering in the house with piles of drifting and bowing snow outdoors.
    We have a ways to go before the actual arrival of warm weather, but I’ll take these mild winters every year. Now, when I say mild some of you from southern warm climes will declare that 25 degrees is not mild. And ice and snow every day does not constitute a “mild” winter. But for us…we rejoice.


  1. I hope you do have some lamb days so that Sadie can get out and romp. We had a lot of sleet today and Katie Belle sat at the glass door wanting to go out and chase squirrels. I would let her out but she soon was at the door wanting back in to sit by the fire. I tried putting a sweater on her but she would lose it in the woods.

  2. It certainly has been a mild winter for us here in Bradford compared to those who suffered the wrath of Old Man Winter in the mid west. That is so not their norm! Polar shifting? The weather of the south is finally here with us up north and the weather of the north is living in the south. Hmmmmmm? What do you think? :)

  3. Hi Peggy! We've had a schizophrenic winter here in Colorado. It's hot today ~ in the 60s! That's the sweetest little lamb at the top. I'm still hoping for lots of snow here in March and April because our snowpack is lagging! The city of Aurora is already talking more water restrictions than last year. Have a good evening!


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