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Thursday, March 21, 2013



teapots two

Has this ever happened to you? You bite off more than you can chew? Or you get into something and then think you’ll never figure it out?
   I decided to buy  a program called Lightroom and take a course learning how to use it. After a few weeks I was totally lost. I think I’m fairly good at computers but I reached a point where I was totally ready to give it up completely. I was so frustrated and discouraged that I couldn’t learn to do what I was supposed to. It was so muddled in my mind and each time I would go over the lesson I became more and more confused.
   I am not a quitter and didn’t want that course to get the best of me, but I was finding myself just not wanting to even go there anymore.
  But today I decided to give it one more try and guess what? Things started clearing up. I discovered what I was doing wrong and it started to make more sense to me. Now I feel I can continue. 
   This frustration about learning was something new for me. I was the one that hardly had to study in high school because things came easy. I worked hard, but I always felt that I was blessed to be able to do things without a great deal of effort or struggle. This frustration with Lightroom made me want to bang my head against the wall. Now I understand what some of my students used to go through trying to learn math in my classroom. We all have different challenges when it comes to learning. When I taught I was able to patiently explain and demonstrate things over and over until a student had the light bulb go off over their head.  And that is what happened to me today.  The light bulb went off.
  Hopefully now I will be able to continue. I did the above picture using Lightroom.


  1. Better you than me, dear friend! But I will envy the results you get from all this effort.


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