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Saturday, March 23, 2013

If I decorate will Spring finally come?

After looking at the snowflakes again this morning and bemoaning that it seems that Spring will never arrive I decided to go up in the attic and look through my bins of Spring decorations. I really wasn't in the Spring mood but forged ahead anyway. I didn't get out the Easter bunnies and baskets knowing that I'm leaving for Raleigh next weekend. So most of what I'm using was more of a gardening theme. I even put the slipcovers from Pier One on my zebra chairs for a different look. It was a lot of work pressing all the pleats and shimming it on like OJSimpson's glove. But after while it was all done and I was rewarded with a long ray of sunshine that lasted about five minutes...how glorious.


  1. Your basket is beautiful--everything is beautiful! I hope you enjoy your time in NC. Is your husband feeling better now?

  2. Yes, thank you Dewena. He is much better now. He has COPD so anytime his breathing is affected I worry about him.


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