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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oh my gosh..I can see ground!


Sunny days seem so rare that today it surprises me. It’s amazing how fast the snow is melting in the back yard. On the bank I can see green in patches. It comes and goes as the clouds rolls by but it is most welcome.
   I’ve spent the morning working on my Lightroom class, trying to figure it out. I’m making peace with it but still don’t have a good grasp of the whole concept. My computer is running so slowly that it makes it difficult to see videos and work through windows. When I get back I think I need to call in the computer doctor to give it a good checkup before it completely crashes.
   Sadie and Don went for a walk since the temperature got up to forty. He is feeling a little better now but still on his antibiotic. I can tell he’s feeling better because he was checking the computer on a site which tells him how fast the water is going over his favorite fishing spot.This tells him is the water is ok for fishing. I know this time of year he is getting antsy to get out and get his line in the water.  
     Now I need to sit and read since the library books are piling up. Oh how I miss Downton Abbey on Sunday nights!


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  2. Hi Peggy! I was able to see the ground again here in Colorado, but then we got 12 inches of snow! But it's melting fast. Snow/melt/snow/melt has been our pattern for a while now. Hope your ground stays green!


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