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Thursday, March 14, 2013


The great thing about going to a big city is shopping at all my favorite stores. On Monday I went in to Knoxville all by myself. Sometimes I like shopping alone because I can whiz in and out of stores. I visited TJMax, Home Goods, and went in their mall to Coldwater Creek. But since I really didn't need anything I was able to resist all the new spring goods. But when I got to William Sonoma I saw, once again, a pasta set that I had been looking at. There was a large serving bowl and four pomegranate shallow bowls which could also be used for salad or soup.
Pier one is also one of my favorite stores for browsing and I was delighted to find summer slipcovers for my zebra parson chairs. In this picture they are just leaning against the chair but I tried them on and they fit like a glove. When I get in a more springlike mood I'll put them on for the summer season.


  1. Why you were just a few hours away from us! What a wonderful time you had with those grandchildren! And shopping of course. Did you make it to any of the little boutiques at Market Square? Old Town Knoxville is my favorite place in Knoxville, also driving around the old Victorian neighborhoods with the lovely houses that are now very expensive but charming.

  2. I love those pasta bowls!! Imagine that you found slip covers and they fit!!!!

    So happy you had a blast and I am happy that you are home too :)

  3. I should have added that the pasta bowl set is stunning! What are you going to fix for it first?

  4. I'm thinking chicken broccoli Alfredo .


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