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Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Has your intellectual mind ever argued with you emotional mind?  My intellect tells me to be patient, that spring is just around the corner, that this is March and this is Bradford and that is the way winter always is and to not despair.  But my emotional mind says, “Isn’t it over yet?”

I know this winter not been as bad as winters I remember in the past, but still…where are the flowers?

All I’d like to see is a little green.

And a little sunshine.

Aren’t you tired of being in the house too?

Wouldn’t you love to walk along a path?



  1. Rebecca9:42 PM

    I think we have another month. I don't think we will have spring (the kind of weather where you can walk in the woods, wear a light jacket and work in the garden) until the middle of April. Spring to me means sustained temps in the 50s and 60s. with just a day or two here and there in the 30s and 40s. Besides I need a little more time to get my house clean. I love to clean!!

    You could practice the piano, one half hour a day, pick up that knitting or read a good basic gardening book. Get ready for spring and summer.

  2. Just joking . I'm fine. Just a moment of winter insanity. I used to get SAD ,seasonal affective disorder, for real. In fact, it was hard for me to get through February. I even spent one winter with a sunshine light until it aggravated my skin cancer. I heard a weather report for Tennessee that I had never heard in Bradford...."an abundance of sunshine is in store for for the weekend.

  3. Well we have snow here today in the UK. I don't let the weather affect my mood though - I like all kinds as it's all good for photography (well as long as it's not too hot when my very fair skin frazzles up). I have been making a conscious effort to live more in the moment and be grateful for what I have in the here and now - not always easy but I do try.


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