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Friday, April 01, 2016

A Jack Russell

I found these cute saying about a Jack Russell. And they are so true. Jacks are amazing and devoted to the point that you can’t move without them checking you out.
I love this one of the Jack in the bed.  Someone who speaks French needs to translate this for me.
Ok, got it translated somewhat Here is what is says:
Voila! It wins.  You can sit back a present right in the middle. (I don’t get that part)  Do not hesitate to give a few strokes of legs in case of snoring sound.





  1. OH OH OH!!!
    I LOVE THIS!!! you KNEW i would!!! LOLOL! oh my.
    hug your little jack russell for me. XOXOXO♥

  2. This is absolutely precious, Peggy!


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