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Friday, April 15, 2016

Every Town has one


Does your town have a local character? Or is it just small towns that have one personality that stands out? This is Elvis …or sometimes Batman…or sometimes just a guy in a long black coat. He stands at the corner by Pizza Hut with a guitar, a headset and a speaker and strums away and sings. His name is Charlie. As you are driving by you can see his enthusiasm but yet can’t really hear his singing. I’ve really never heard his music to know if he is good or not. He is out there entertaining the road in his costume in all seasons.
   A few years ago we lost our most famous town character. Her name was Hollywood Helen. She was over seventy but had the nicest legs and was willing to show them off with shorts or short skirts. She even had a nylon jacket with her name on the back. Hollywood would go to the local bars and dance up a storm. She stopped in every business on Main Street and said hello. She was very friendly and lived in a delusional world. She told a fictional story so well you would swear it really happened to her. She would put in the paper that she was going to Las Vegas to entertain with Englebert Humperdink. She was harmless and brought a smile to everyone’s face. At any event going on you couldn’t miss her. She would be front and center gaining all the attention with her long blonde ponytail. Our town misses her. 


  1. Ohhh yes, we have had our town characters, over the years.

    But yours sound really cool!!!!!!!

  2. i love this post!


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