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Tuesday, April 05, 2016


Does your husband cook for you? If he does you are lucky, and so am I. When I don’t feel like cooking I suggest to my hubby …let’s have hamburgers. He loves hamburgers and he will make them his special way. They are juicy and delicious. He just adds seasoned salt, pepper, chopped onions, and Worcestershire sauce. Since it was too cold to grill out he did them on the stove. I added all the fixings for a Cowboy Burger. It’s a favorite of mine when we go to Applebee’s. You just stack all the ingredients…and there are a lot..one after the other. Toasted roll, mayo, lettuce, onion, pickles, burger, cheese, bacon, onion rings (I used the french fried kind), and BBQ sauce. It’s a mouthful.
cowboy burger


  1. Hello Peggy! I came to visit your blog now. I like discovering new blogs as well. That burger... oh my, that looks good! -Jenn

  2. yum!!!
    except for the bacon (i don't eat pork) i could go for that.
    putting onion rings on it sounds wonderful!
    i learned to eat cole slaw on a burger when i saw it in the movie 'how to marry a millionaire!'
    lauren bacall piled cole slaw on her burger so i tried it... and OMG it's fabulous!!!
    great picture btw. makes me want one now.


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