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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Finally flowers

What a gorgeous day! It got up to eighty degrees. We got out the porch swing and I put the small fence around the flower beds.




  1. Hooray for a lovely spring weekend! We had one too.

    And we accomplished a wee bit of the spring outside work. A wee bit!!! Eeeeeek! There is always so much more, to do.


  2. it's beautiful!
    i love the little white picket fence.
    but you take it down and put it up each season???
    it looks like a permanent structure!

  3. Oh no...I added the little black plastic fencing you see in the foreground...lol.

    1. omygosh! but of course!
      LOLOL!!! I thought... "what a lot of work every year!" and "how do they manage to do that?" LOLOL

  4. Looks great! I am so happy that Spring is finally here!

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