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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

All finished

Yesterday morning I started making my blog into a book and by evening I was finished. One thing about me…when I have a project I work hard and fast and have to get it all done quickly. No dragging things on for me. I’m like a dog with a bone. I spent all day at the computer..uploading and downloading and copying and pasting. I’m very satisfied with the results. It’s off to be printed now.
    News flash…all the snow has melted even on the hillside. The weather looks good for the weekend…in the sixties. I just might have to find something to do on Saturday while hubby is up in Erie visiting his friend. Did someone say shopping? You must think I’m addicted to shopping. I’m not. It’s just that there are no stores (except Walmart and some dollar stores) in town so I like to get out into the real world and see pretty things. I don’t come home with much nowadays but it sure is fun.
    Today was hair appointment day and I got a perm. There are some of us who have so little hair that flops that we need some assistance. It will be nice for my trip down south next week.

  In other news Don went to the doctor yesterday. After suffering with chest congestion and after taking one round of medications he just wasn’t getting any better. Today it seems the newer, stronger meds are taking hold. He wants to be well by Saturday.
   I picked up the new Harlan Coben book yesterday so today looks like a good day to sit and read.


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