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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Remember this?


If you are of a certain age this will look familiar. When I was in the eighth grade I was introduced to typing. How well I remember the teacher standing up in front of us repeating…a s d f ; l k j…to familiarize us with the keyboard. Over and over she would say these letters day after day. When I think back she must have been terribly bored. But we trained our fingers to hit the keys and to improve our speed. This will be a useful skill I was told when I went to college or entered the business world.  Little did she know.
    In college I used a manual typewriter fussing with white correction fluid or correction tape. I still remember how many time I had to type a page for a report with footnotes to get them put on the paper just right. When electric typewriters were invented I thought it the most marvelous machine ever.
    Now I look at how fast I see younger people typing and marvel at their skills.  They begin learning to type in elementary schools now. Most can type better than they can write. Now they call it keyboarding of course. One time at a yard sale Scott found an old typewriter and we bought it just so he could put it in his room. 

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  1. truly ... typing is one of the greatest skills i've ever learned.
    and it's still one of the things i use every day. i'm so grateful to know how.


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