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Monday, April 11, 2016

Blog to book

I first began to blog in 2006. After the first two years I decided to make my blog into a book. I used Blurb a program that allowed you to cut and paste and add pages and backgrounds and pictures. I loved the results. To see my blogging efforts actually in print was very satisfying. I hoped that my words would be cherished long after I am gone.

The years went on and I made one more shorter book and then forgot about that for a while. But recently I began to wonder what would happen if Blogger pulled the plug. All those posts would be forever lost and with it the journal of my life. I hadn't backed it up. The thought of all those thoughts and pictures going away motivated me to once more decide to put my blog into print

So I used a program called Blog2Print. It was easier because you chose what part of your blog you wanted printed and it automatically put it into book form. The downside was that I had no control over the layout of the pages and it was pricy. I only did four months.

So I looked for another program and found one that educators used called Bookemon. I am currently working on my book with that. It is a longer process because you have to download every picture into your photo gallery before you can upload it to the book site. But you have more control of what is on the page. So I will be working on that for a while.

Do you keep a journal? Is it hand written? Are you faithful about writing in it daily? Does it include pictures too?

I also completed a book called Grandmother Remembers. In it you completed sentences that told about your life. I hope someday my grandchildren will look at it and know more about me. My maternal grandmother passed away when I was a young child so I have only a few memories of her. ...her long gray hair worn in a bun...her cane. My paternal grandmother lived with us but I remember very few conversations I had with her. I want my grandchildren to know who I was.





  1. it's a wonderful thing to do.
    it will be a lovely legacy for both your children AND grandchildren. :)

  2. Lovely projects.

    No, I never really "journaled".



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