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Saturday, April 02, 2016


There are moments in our lives, there are moments in a day, when we seem to see beyond the usual. Such are the moments of our greatest happiness. Such are the moments of our greatest wisdom. " – Robert Henri, 1865-1929

I have always loved quotes. REading the words of others much smarter and wiser than me gives me greater insight into new ways of thinking. There are so many places where you discover quotes but the internet has opened up a vast supply of endless wisdom. Goggle and other search engines like it has opened the door on a huge library of knowledge And its all waiting right there for discovery. I am in awe. We live in such an information age.

You can find quotes all over. I love the new trend of wall quotes. All you have to do is place them on your wall. So easy. I have one in my bathroom.



And one in the room by my piano. That wall is yellow. I don't know why it came out orange in this picture.




I love them so much I could have them all over. Here are some examples of how others use wall quotes in their decor.






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  1. i too love quotes.
    over katharine hepburn's family home fireplace when she was growing up...
    carved into the stone was 'follow your bliss.'
    she said it formed her life.


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