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Monday, May 30, 2016

A ride around the lake

It has been such a warm and lovely weekend that today we wanted to take a ride to enjoy the sunshine and eighty degree weather. About an hour from our house in New York state is a large lake. Don’s mother had a cottage at Chautauqua Lake on a creek that fed the lake and for many, many years we spent weekends there. We have always had a boat and loved the water.

   We began our trip by having lunch at the Olive Garden, one of our favorite places to eat. On our way to Jamestown we pass this little shack called the Swamp. We always get a laugh out of its name since when the lake rises water surrounds it.  But it doesn’t stop people from going in.  I think it’s a bar but I’m not really sure.





After our lunch we continued to the northern part of the lake and on to Barcelona on Lake Erie. This is where Don brought our boat to go walleye fishing. We would keep the catch till the end of summer and have a big fish party and invite all our friends. IMG_5893
There is a lighthouse on the hill.

Don and I sat there for a while enjoying the view. IMG_5888IMG_5881

On the side of the harbor people were swimming. The whole bottom there is covered with flat pieces of slate and the water is very clear. IMG_5883
On the way out of the parking lot I spied a family of geese. Mom and dad were taking care of their babies. Then I noticed a few larger babies and realized that there was another pair close by.


It was such a wonderful day to get outdoors.

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