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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof…cause I’m happy.

My sister says that sunshine is like a drug to me. I guess she is right because these past few days I’ve been on a cloud. How can you not be happy when the sun shines? Today I had my art lesson. We are working on abstracts at the moment and I did the background for an animal painting. I will be drawing two fighting zebras on the background next week. I am really enjoying these lessons and learning a lot. Adrianna is a great teacher. She is from Mexico and a tremendous artist.

  We really got the heat today. It went up to 86 degrees. That is very hot for us because most of us do not have central air in our houses. We have two window air conditioners but they aren’t in yet.

   Before I went to my lesson I started to plant some of the flowers that I got. I bought Don a huge cherry tomato plant. We are impatient and there are already tomatoes on the plant with millions of yellow flowers. We are getting a harvest early.

   Here are some pictures of the courtyard and breezeway. There is always a breeze on the breezeway but today it was a warm breeze.



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  1. We are seeing warmer temperatures also. It is finally feeling like summer and that puts a smile on my face. :) Your breeze way is beautiful! I would sit there all day! My favorite spot is my screened-in-porch right now. I even put up two strings of small globe lights on the ceiling. Enjoy the weather!


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