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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A word of apology

Something is happening here. My blog muse ..as Tessa says...has taken a leave of absence. I seem to have little to blog about. It's not that I'm not busy...or maybe because I'm too busy...but the everyday things that consume me lately are not that worthy of a blog post.

We are getting ready and doing those spring chores that will make us prepared for when the nice weather arrives. Today is another dismal day with lots of clouds and no sun. I'm doing the ordinary weekly cleaning chores. If I have a minute I go to the big computer and work on turning my blog into a book. I've done 2015 and 2014 and now am working on 2013. It's not hard to do using a program called Bookemon but time consuming. I'm also learning to use my new iPhone. Sadie also likes to be walked on the good days when we can get out. And I'm finding time for a little reading too. And I like to visit other blogs. Yes, I am busy. But I'm not doing anything particularly interesting right now. No projects to show. No great photos. So I apologize for the lackluster blogging. It's a funny time.


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  1. First, Never Apologize!!!!!!! ,-)


    We do our blog, exactly as it works for us. And how it works for us, changes, from time to time. And that's just life. We do not apologize, for life. :-)))))

    But another thing, having no time for blogging, can be a real thing... Doing other things, is a real thing. Everyone needs time, for such.

    But always feeling we need to put up some project, or beautiful photos, or this or that... To make a post.... This I don't agree with. Seems that puts too much pressure on us. And why do that? It's our blog.

    So you do whatever you want, with your time!!! And if you read a good book, along the way... Please share it. Who doesn't love book ideas?

    And maybe you'll see something, while walking Sadie, that really catches your eye, and you snap a picture of it. No big deal, but it makes a quick post.

    OK, I'll get off my "cheerleader" soap box now. Enjoy whatever you do, with your time. Always!!!!!



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