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Monday, May 09, 2016

Mother's Day

The best way to spend Mother's Day is being with your family and I got to do that this weekend at Chris' house. Ryan and his family came up to open up his pool. Ryan has worked in aquatics since he was young first as a lifeguard, high school assistant swim coach, ran the aquatics program at Chautauqua Lake for a Boy Scout camp, work at a company that maintained pools, maintained pools at a hotel,resort and is currently working at a huge water park so he is really qualified to get Chris' salt water pool ready for the season. Here he is teaching Leah how to add the right amount of salt to the pool.

Of course Sadie could not understand at all why she wasn't allowed to jump right in the pool. She wanted to so bad but the water was too cold for that. This summer she will have so much fun.


The pergola project came out really well. Chris and Ryan work so well together and they have a lot of skill. We will enjoy this for years in the future.

Jenny the kids and I went to a few yard sales on Saturday. We made a stop at Ashcombe's my favorite gift/nursery. We had lunch there and on Sunday I got to go back and spend my Mother's Day gift card. I bought some plants and can't wait to be able to fill my planters. We watched a movie in Chris' media room downstairs Saturday night. What a wonderful weekend.


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