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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Are you gardening yet?

All the beautiful gardens that I saw in Virginia inspired me and today I went out into my courtyard to began to get the beds in shape. It is cold enough for a jacket out there but I still wanted to get started. I got a new tool at an estate sale and used it to cut down the dandelions and buttercups which invade the growing space. Later I will dig up all the roots, add soil and till the ground there.  The ever faithful hostas are leafing out. I use a lot of them in my beds because they are an easy plant to grow and fill in nicely.  

On my travels I found this little girl concrete statue which will look nice somewhere. I will have to find just the right place for her. 


The Sprng flowers...jonquils, grape hiacynths, and tulips are adding color by the front walk. We won't plant the annuals or put out hanging baskets until the end of May. 
  Have you planted flowers where you live? Are you as excited as I am to see the good weather and blooms? 


  1. The tool you have in the first picture is called a Japanese weeder. It is my all time favorite tool and the only tool I use every day.

    1. thanks Becky for that information. I love that tool. I had one a long time ago but it disappeared so I was happy when I saw this at the sale. I know you are working in your gardens already. It was a treat last year to see all your beautiful blooms.


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