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Friday, July 15, 2016

A garden is a promise of tomorrow


My father was a gardener. I remember well those wonderful vegetables growing and how proud he was when he brought his pickings into the house. When they retired and moved to Georgia his garden was his pride and joy. He was a very creative and curious man and was always experimenting. He grew a square tomato, a stars and moon watermelon and giant pumpkins. Every time we would visit he would take us on the “five cent tour” around his property and show us his latest plantings….asparagus, fig tree, plum trees, and muscadine grapes as well as loofahs. 

   He would be very proud of his grandson Ryan who inherited his love of gardening. IMG_6146

Ryan’s garden is beautiful and bountiful this year. He gave me a large sack filled with zucchini, yellow squash and cucumbers to bring home.
He has passed on his love to his son Sean who delights in helping him harvest. IMG_6144




  1. I love my flowers. I did have to hire some help to get control of my perennial border. The landscapers edged and weeded and made it look beautiful for our 4th of July family reunion. I have never seen two men work so hard. They are coming back in August to paint my gazebo and do some work on our chimney. The ivy has crept up the chimney and I am afraid it will catch fire in the winter. They will come back and pull the ivy off the chimney. Justin Wesmiller 598 2732. They will do whatever you want done but they are not gardeners, you need to be right with them to protect your flowers. I worked right with them teaching as I went about flowers.

  2. I love the description of your dad and his garden.
    and to think that the art has been passed to his grandson and HIS son! it's wonderful.
    we are to reach close to 100 degrees all next week.
    I am like you. I don't venture far from the air conditioning! thank goodness for it!!! XO♥

  3. What wonderful photos, Peggy. Especially the closeup of Sean! I can feel your joy at your father's love of gardening passing from generation to generation. You have that love too, but for your flowers and using them to create lovely spaces. The thought of gardening appeals to me, but I have a restless soul and feet, so it's probably not going to happen in this lifetime. Stay cool!


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