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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Fourth of July 2016

Hello once again my friends. I hope that your holiday was full of fun and exciting. I know mine was. Once again we went to the Lake House for the weekend. Here we are...eighteen people and nine dogs. Thanks Dan for the family portrait once again this year.

The Lake House is the perfect entertaining spot with so many nooks and crannies where everyone can find things to do.

Of course both the kids and adults enjoyed the hot tub after a swim in the lake.

Poker night was popular with the guys.

Sean became quite the pool shark.

There was lots of time for visiting and catching up with each other's lives.



And did I mention a lot of drinking..peach fizzes were a hit. And eating. On Saturday Ryan, Jenny and Chris fixed blueberry waffles for breakfast. Chris grilled hotdogs for lunch and the made his special bourbon burgers for dinner. Linda made a breakfast casserole and Diane delighted us with Grandma Eleanor's chicken pot pie. All that with special salads and desserts I made zucchini pie, Don made a Texas sheet cake. Yes, we did a lot of good eating.

We all loved it down at the dock. I loved being in the water floating on a raft. And the kids played games and swam all day. The older ones kayaked and went on the jet ski and boat. They also went to the marina for a fun time.

Since this post is getting a little long I'll save more for another time.



  1. I'm not sure what I liked more...jet skiing or peach fizz :)

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  3. It sounds like your July 4th was wonderful, Peggy! Nothing beats getting together with family. We spent a quiet weekend together at home, and it was wonderful! We've been on the go so much that we just wanted to be home. I enjoyed the family photos as always!


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