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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Circle of Friends picnic

Today our Circle of Friends group met for a picnic under a lovely pavilion at a member’s daughter’s home. The weather was very cooperative and the nice breeze and 77 degree temperature made it very comfortable. IMG_6320

There were bountiful hanging baskets all around the pavilion.
IMG_6332A pool and a bar made this a party place.


We sat a large mosaic stone topped tables.

It was a lovely afternoon talking and eating and enjoying the company.

In other news Sadie will be getting her bandage off her foot tonight. She had cut the pad on her paw and kept licking it keeping the wound open.  The vet put a lot of salve on it and bandaged it for a week. She has done well not to tear it off but I’m sure she will be glad to have it off.
Another bulletin…..some little critter is enjoying the tomatoes.


Don cleaned out our pond and refilled it today.
I am definitely a girl of few words .


  1. well you know what they say about pictures being worth ...
    and your pics are always GREAT! except...
    next time tell the girls to look up and say cheese! they all don't look very happy.
    and i know that couldn't be true! the picnic was beautiful!!! AND it was a perfect 77 degrees!
    and bless that little sadie. give her a hug for me. XO♥

  2. Poor little Sadie! She has my sympathy. It looks like you had a wonderful day, Peggy!


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