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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Here we are at the vet again


My little Sadie…poor thing. She just hasn’t been acting herself lately. All she does is lay around and has a difficult time getting up or hopping up on the couch (even refuses to use the stairs we got her)  She just looks up as if to say..please help me. Last night when I let her out she just went and laid under a bush. I knew that wasn’t a good sign.  The only time she ever did that is when she ate some spicy raw deer sausage (long story…we were transferring food from a defrosting freezer and she sneaked it in the back yard and got very sick).
She has been very listless and when I tried to take her for a little walk she lagged behind me.
  So we were off to the Animal Hospital in Buffalo for  diagnosis. After the exam we found out that she has a torn ACL in both her hind legs. As well as problems with her kneecaps in both legs. This may be caused by her rare arthritis. He prescribed some pain meds and to continue the anti-inflammatory. The next step will be surgery.

  I feel so bad that she isn’t her usual busybody self. I asked him about swimming and he said that would be good for her.  


  1. We are so sorry for your little dog.

  2. oh dear little Sadie.
    it shows in her face. and knowing they hurt is even harder to bear than our own hurt.
    I would say ... it's good that she loves to swim!
    only it seems it would be only not painful if the water were warm. and where does one find that?
    cold makes arthritis always hurt worse I think.
    I remember the torn ACL in my own shoulder a few years ago. terrible pain! and she has TWO!
    saying a prayer for our little one. keep us posted! but then I know you will. XOXO♥

  3. Hope Sadie is having less pain. It's so hard to watch a pet suffer. We don't have any pets now, and my husband says I can't get another dog unless it comes with it's own health insurance! There's a long story of our last dog, who we loved dearly, but cost us a small fortune - and then he still passed away. Still, so worth it!


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