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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Some excitement pictures.

Last night there was a little excitement in Seymour. We had gone for the afternoon over to Don's sister's house in Pigeon Forge for an afternoon of visiting and swimming. We took all three dogs with us and we were really glad we did. On the way home we stopped for dinner at Cheddar's. Of course we left the air in the car running the whole time for the dogs. Then on the way home we noticed very ominous clouds and it started to rain with lots of wind. We came upon a police car directing traffic around a fallen tree blocking the road. On up the road a few minutes later was another tree down. As we approached Seymour there were more signs of damage with trees down or branches snapped right of and lots of debris on the ground. The road to .ryan's house was blocked off because of downed wires and a tree so we went around another way. There were a lot of yards with trees snapped right down and on her street there were six trees fallen. The power was out and didn't come back on till four in the morning. It was reported as a tornado.





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  1. Tornado weather is scary! I live in the tornado alley of eastern Colorado, and I have learned to be wary of ominous skies. I hope no one was hurt. "All three dogs?" I know about Sadie, but who are the others? Have a good one, Peggy!


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