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Thursday, July 28, 2016


I have had my Canon for a few years now and I must admit that I rarely take it off Auto. It takes wonderful pictures that way so I thought…why change things. But through the course that I’m taking I am learning that you can control a lot of things yourself. So today I experimented with aperature priority. This is controlling how much light goes into the camera. I used the f stop 7.1 for these photos and my 50mm lens.





  1. your photography is beautiful. I can almost hear that splashing water!
    I had to catch up with a couple of posts I'd missed.
    so happy your sisters are coming for a visit. I know how you love that!
    and any word on how little Sadie is doing now would be appreciated! :) XO♥ give her a hug for me.

    1. Sadie still isn't feeling the best. She is taking pain meds but lays around a lot. We'll see how she fares for a week or two but surgery may be the answer.

  2. thanks dear heart. give our wee girl a hug for me.
    I know you're enjoying your visit with your sisters! XOXO♥

  3. Peggy, Way to go! I love that you are moving from Auto to Aperture Priority mode on your camera. Honestly, at first I read that Manual was the way to go, and while I can do this as needed, I shoot the large majority of my pictures in Aperture Priority, too. And, wow, look at your photographs today! These are awesome - the first is my favorite, and I love the one with your glasses, too. Can't wait to see what you do next - try setting the aperture wide open to f2.8 and see what you get!

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