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Monday, July 11, 2016

Home again

I love being on a vacation. It's a chance to get out of your everyday routine and do some new things. We arrived home after a week and half visiting family in Tennessee and Virginia. I had a fantastic time. Fourth of July weekend at the lake was a chance to see all of my sister's family as well as my own. There was so much activity with all of us that we were busy all the time. Then we went to Ryan's and you know playing with the little ones was my priority. We did do something special the last night I was there. We went to Dolly Parton's new show Lumberjack Adventure. It combined singing, dancing, and eating with lots of acrobatics and lumberjack activities like sawing and climbing and cutting wood. It had jugglers and arielists with lots of tumblers. There was also huge make believe costumed fur animals parading around for the little ones. Sean and Sara loved it. If you are even in Pigeon Forge I recommend it.

Now we are back home and you know how that goes...lots of catching up, putting things away, laundry...you know the drill. I won't be satisfied till it all gets back in order again. And wouldn't you know I had a little project for Don. I bought a screen to fit over the door opening so those darn flies wouldn't get in. I love having the doors and windows open in this wonderful summer we are having.

Of course any trip wouldn't be compete without shopping on my agenda. I got a great Coach purse, some new tops, and two tablecloths. Also a few new books. Knoxville has great shopping.

These next few days will be spent resting up. Of course that will be after tomorrow's doctor appointment, mammogram and bone density test. As my friend Joan says...I always have appointment the day I get back.


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  1. Oh do I know the drill, Peggy! It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Glad you made it home a-okay with lots of memories. Good luck with your appointments!


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