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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More lake pictures

I had a great time with my camera taking pictures of all that was going on at the lake house. No talking….just enjoy.



  1. with my computer having been on the blink for almost a week ... i'm loving catching up with all your posts!
    what a wonderful holiday you had.
    the family photos are lovely. you can feel the fun and the love in that great lake house.
    and the tornado! that's more up my own alley. so glad you were safe.
    and one last thing... I think it's SO WONDERFUL that you ALL include the dogs!
    after all... they are DEFINITELY part of the family! a most important part!
    hug my beloved wee sadie for me too. XOXO♥

  2. Lovely photos, Peggy! All the dogs sacked out on the floor were cute. Loved the intent look on the kiddos faces as they looked at the tablet. The love of your family members for each other shines through! Thanks for sharing!


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