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Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Dreams of Paradise.little-things_thumblanblake:  SIMPLE THINGS BECOME COMPLICATED WHEN YOU EXPECT TOO MUCH.:

Are you a perfectionist? Do you like everything in your life to be just the way you want it exactly? Here are some signs you are a perfectionist:

1. You’ve always been eager to please. It usually starts in childhood. Nothing thrills you quite like impressing others.

2. You have a great fear of failure and sometimes have self defeating behavior such as excessive procrastination.

3. You are highly critical of others.

4. You go big or go home. You throw yourself into a new project if you know there’s a good chance you can succeed. 

5. You Have a hard time opening up to people. Perfectionism is a 20 ton windshield that you carry around to protect yourself from getting hurt. You have a hard time letting yourself be vulnerable.

6. You take everything personally and get really defensive when criticized.


I think all of us want to do well and are proud of our achievements. But having such a high standard of performance as a perfectionist does makes life hard for them. Do you know someone like that? I always want to just tell them to relax.


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  1. I am a perfectionist and have been from birth. It is a huge burden. But I'm not highly critical of others, and I don't have trouble opening up to people. Having experienced perfectionism and having been a teacher, I have tried to get fellow perfectionists to ease up a little on themselves. I haven't been too successful with that myself though! LOL


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