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Sunday, July 17, 2016

From camera to computer

Camera, iphone, ipad…..all with photographic capabilities. I love to take pictures. I keep switching form one to the other depending on my mood and availability. And I end up with photos in each. I can blog from my computer or from the ipad but I need to get the pictures there from the iphone or camera.

  We all know how to put the little SD card into the computer slot to transfer those pictures to the big computer. Well, I thought I did until I got my new computer at Christmas. With Windows 10 it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Each time I import I have to create a new folder. (If I am doing this wrong will someone help me?) But I have been able to manage.

  To get the pictures from the ipad to the computer I used to use the cord. Plug it in and transfer. Then came the iphone and I knew there must be an easier way.  Voila!  An app for that.  It’s called Photo Transfer and it makes it so easy to transfer between devices. All you do is send and receive at each device (well, not the camera of course). All your photos can move just like that.  It has been very helpful to me.



  1. "With Windows 10 it wasn’t as easy as I thought."

    Yet another "Windows 10 EEEEEkkkkk".


  2. can't help you, Peggy, but you have my sympathy! I'm a MAC person myself! However you do it, I enjoy the results!

  3. I think my next computer will have to be a MAC. People seem to love them.

  4. ditto.
    windows 10 is a devil.


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