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Monday, July 18, 2016

Begin to see the light

Guided 365 Lesson 4

I don’t know how I found the website..Digital Photography for Moms. Erin’s site is full of great photography and tips. I am currently taking her Guided 365 course and loving it. Each day she sends an email with a link to the day’s lesson. Today’s objective..analyze light, all the time. Our assignment was connect the photo with the effects of the light in the photo itself.
    Since it is cloudy and there seems to be little light today I am using old photos. In these photos of Sadie the light is streaming in from the front south window. I love the pattern it makes on the rug and the shadows on her shady side.

sadie sun 2



This picture I took the other day when I saw the late afternoon light on my baker’s rack.  I just loved the warmth of the light coming in. IMG_6234


  1. I love the effects of light. I always enjoy the light of autumn. It slants because it is so low in the sky. I have noticed that the sun has moved and now sends its light into my dining room. I also like to take pictures in the early morning or late afternoon.

    1. I also love those golden hours when the sun creates such a warm glow. It really improves any photograph.

  2. Lovely use of light, Peggy! With Sadie the contrast makes you feel the warmth of the sun and the cooler, shadowed area with her pretty colors and textures ~ and her peace. And the light brings out the beauty of the glowing wood. I grew up with parents who loved art and painting, so I was acutely aware of light because of them. I always think of photography as "painting with light." It's wonderful to see how you constantly push yourself to improve! Have a great day!

  3. oh peggy.
    these are beautiful! (could also have something to do with the little subject in the sun!)
    and the gold of the wood coming clear with the rest softened... LOVE THAT!


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