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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


I'm starting to get excited. My two sisters are coming tomorrow from Virginia. We are so close and have a ball every time we are together. We have a few activities planned for the week but they love just to relax at my house. It seems everyone who visits here remarks on how peaceful it is. On Saturday we are going to the Buffalo garden walk. This will be their second and my third time to visit various neighborhoods and delight in the gardens. Other activities include dinner at Docksiders overlooking the lake, a picnic at allegany State Park and maybe even a Rolling Stone tribute band. It will be a joyful week.



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  1. Okay, Peggy, you gotta hook me up with these sisters who live in my home state of Virginia. Really, so glad you sisters got to spend time together. I have two sisters, too - both younger - and they will always understand me better than anyone on this earth.


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